About Gary


I started in the commercial photography industry as a kid while still in high school. College followed on a part-time basis and then two years off for service to our country. Since then I have worked for and with some of the largest stock photo agencies as well as a number of small niche agencies. I founded my commercial photography consulting company in 1999 and have worked across the industry–over one hundred clients including photo agencies, photographers, lawyers, and other companies that license photography. I also work pro bono for photography industry trade associations. I’ve chosen to always maintain active relationships with companies currently engaged in the industry in order to keep my insights and knowledge current in an ever-changing marketplace.


What I’m good at and enjoy doing:

  • The purchasing of commercial photography
  • The purchasing of stock photo agencies
  • Due Diligence work relating to the acquisition of photo agencies and collections
  • The licensing of commercial photography
  • The supervision of account executives responsible for image licensing
  • Pursuing and settling copyright infringements
  • Photo Research, both analog and digital
  • Photo Editing
  • Art Direction for photo assignments
  • Planning all aspects of photo assignments
  • Photographer recruitment & development
  • Negotiating Agency Representation Agreements for photographers
  • Negotiating Agency Representation Agreements for photo agencies
  • Development of commercial photography web sites
  • Designing and building back office systems for commercial photography companies
  • Development of Rights Control Systems for licensing of Rights Managed imagery.


Recent industry changes

The last five years have seen tremendous changes. Smartphones, iPads, data streaming and extremely effective data delivery technologies are all impacting and changing the way our business is done. While all this is going on, buyers are still licensing images for everything from wall art to print ads, to digital products and advertising vehicles. Price points have dropped overall with few exceptions. New applications and usages are cropping up regularly. Being in the middle of the cauldron of activity that combines both momentum of the old and existing with the potential of the new is exciting and ever-challenging.


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