Image Suppliers

Consulting services for the commercial photography industry


Dispute resolution for copyright infringements and lost photography

As a senior executive for several large stock photography companies, through my own consulting, industry experience, and my working knowledge gained from working with attorneys, I offer image suppliers a cost-effective alternative to initiating litigation. While I am not an attorney, I regularly deal with attorneys concerning these matters–both as an expert and personally, on behalf of  photographers and companies which have engaged my services. The work I do will either lead to an acceptable settlement, or, if I can’t bring about a settlement offer you can live with, you will still retain the right to initiate litigation.


General business practices

Sending out work or issuing an invoice without effective and appropriate Terms and Conditions is like asking for your images to be misused, misappropriated or otherwise compromised. You also need to convey your policies and terms on your web site. 


Pricing and contract negotiation

Based on the combination–many years of experience and current personal knowledge of the marketplace–I provide valuable insights on pricing and contract negotiations. While I’m not an attorney, I have reviewed and still review hundreds of contracts regarding licensing and other elements of business dealings related to commercial photography.


Maximizing your stock photography business

While reviewing your business model I offer suggestions about appropriate marketing partner relationships as well as whom you might look to for direct licensing business.


Managing and developing worldwide marketing partner relationships

My working familiarity with all aspects of marketing partner relationships includes: Creating partnership agreements, reviewing and negotiating existing relationships, terminating unproductive partners, and establishing and maintaining high quality customer service support for all existing relationships.


Back office operations

Over the past ten years I have gained significant experience working with and enhancing photography business operations and systems including development of new systems for the control of licensing, exclusive rights, and daily operations in photography production and licensing enterprises.


Website development

More and more, buyers are evaluating talent and imagery without the copyright owner or image service provider even knowing their tires are being kicked. What your web site shows and says about you and your imagery is key to the initial step of creating a sale.


Proactive sales development

Great imagery and a knockout web site is great if buyers are aware of your existence and capabilities. Buyers are ever increasingly difficult to get in front of. I can help you formulate and execute a sales and marketing plan to get your name and products in to the hands of buyers.


Entry into the stock industry

As someone considering entering or expanding an existing role in the commercial photography marketplace, you need an honest,  direct assessment of your potential success. Understanding your goals, talent, expectations–and what you’re prepared to invest–will allow me to offer effective and appropriate guidance as you begin your journey.


Expanding or changing your agency representation alignment

Based on your business model, the types of imagery you produce–and of course your personal goals–I put photographers together with agencies (and vice-versa) that will be best suited to generate meaningful income from the work.


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